About the company

About the Company

Meta Investing – is a trademark of a Notable Limited Company incorporated at 8 Jan 2004 in United Kingdom.
Today Notable Limited Company is a global investment holding which consists of number of companies like:

Meta Investing provides the possibility of making deals in the international stock markets and investing in stocks of companies with a wide geographical coverage, including Europe and Asia, the US and emerging markets.

Studying the stock markets and emitters, identifying the trends and tracking policy and legislative changes across the world, through the fundamental and technical analysis, investment strategies that provide investors with stable income and capital protection are build up.

Since 19 of October , Pantalimon U.K. Ltd is in charge of running head offices and general holding management

The advantage of the company is adaption of the basic strategies for investment purposes and investor preferences.

Fundamental principles of the company

  • Full transparency of all operations of the managing a portfolio investor;
  • conservative approach, aimed at protecting and gaining capital;
  • customer focus and personal service;
  • efficient management of the portfolio in any market situation;
  • Maximum of confidentiality and security.

Range of services

The priority areas are:

  • consulting brokerage services;
  • trust capital management in the international capital markets;
  • Portfolio management of spreads in the US market.

The company’s strategy – to be always one step ahead, that allows you to respond quickly and timely to any changes in the market conditions.

Impeccable reputation of the company is based on years of experience, own strategy and deep knowledge of our experts in processing of trading operation in the stock markets of Europe, Asia and the USA.