European stock market

European stock market


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The investment objective

Generation of the income from the trading in securities of European companies with significant growth potential, in the short and medium term.

Investment policy

We select securities of companies with stable revenue growth and profits, by focusing on the industrial and banking sectors. Investments are made in securities of medium to high capitalisation of the EU – UK, France, Italy and Germany. The investment portfolio is focused on the regaining of economic growth in Europe in the medium term.

Interactive approach
  • formation of the investment ideas on the advisability of purchasing the shares;
  • widest diversification of investments with the use of liquid instruments;
  • assessment of investment risks and investment horizon;
  • Tracking the market value of securities in relation to the target prices;
  • rebalancing of the portfolio, depending on the market conditions;
  • The unique system of risk – management, regulation and protection of investors’ rights from the State.

Stock Index MSCI Europe

Currency: Euro

Investment horizon from 3 years

Indicative Portfolio
Index MSCI Europe

Management results 2014: