Long / Short Global Market Strategy

Long / Short Global Market Strategy


20% 5%


The investment objective

Providing investors a profitable component, greatly exceeding the bank deposit. Offsetting the risks, a market – neutral combination, focused on income generation, as in the fall, and with the growth of the stock market – is formed in the portfolio.

Investment policy

Formation of the portfolio by the acquisition of securities of fundamentally profitable companies of the global market, with strong growth perspectives. Quick sale of securities of revalued companies, with foreseeable future of falling in costs. Number of positions in the portfolio is no more than 50 securities. The risk – management based on diversification and limitation of the value of one paper – no more than 13% of the total portfolio.

Long-term and short-term positions are always equally valued within the portfolio.

Interactive approach
  • The fundamental analysis of companies in the global market, including a financial assessment of growth prospects;
  • Search for the companies in the global market, with a high probability of loss of capitalisation;
  • formation of investment ideas on the advisability of purchasing the shares;
  • assessment of investment risks and investment horizon;
  • low volatility and reliability of the portfolio by investing in 20 companies, high capitalisation yield of which we know and understand in absolute terms;
  • The unique system for reliability risk – management, as it maintainis market-neutral position.

Average interest rates on deposits by individuals is in the Euro

Investment horizon of 2 years

Indicative Portfolio
The yield on the deposit, $ (Russia)

Management results 2014: