The US stock market

The US stock market


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The investment objective

Getting the maximum income from the investments in marketable shares of the US stock market.

Investment policy

Companies, in which fund are invested, have high return on equity and have a stable income, increasing market capitalisation. Formation of the portfolio with the acquisition of shares of a fundamentally profitable companies with strong growth perspectives.

Interactive approach
  • The most efficient system of regulation and protection of investor’s rights in the World;
  • the constant search and analysis of sectors with high growth rates;
  • formation of investment ideas on the advisability of purchasing the shares;
  • widest diversification of investments with the use of liquid instruments;
  • assessment of investment risks and investment horizon;
  • The unique system for reliability risk – management, as it maintains market-neutral position.

Stock S & P 500 index (New York Stock Exchange)

Currency: US Dollar

Investment horizon from 3 years

Indicative Portfolio
The S & P 500

Management results 2013: